Todd McClain – Chief of Staff


Toft campaign: Does Ron Kind regret opposing tax reform?

Latest jobs report highlights booming economy and massive job growth

Osseo, WI – On Friday, the latest jobs report showed that the economy added more than 200,000 jobs and saw worker pay continue to accelerate. In response, Steve Toft asked Ron Kind if he finally admits he was mistaken to oppose tax reform.

“It’s impossible to deny that we are experiencing an economic boom thanks to tax reform,” said Toft. “It started with companies announcing pay raises and bonuses for their employees and has continued with month after month of national job growth. It’s hard to deny that tax reform has been a major benefit to the economy, will Ron Kind finally admit that he made a mistake voting against it?”

The average job growth for the year has been 207,000 jobs per month showing steady long-term growth in the economy.

“The sign of a true leader is admitting when you made a mistake and taking ownership,” continued Toft. “It must be a Washington thing when a politician isn’t able to own up to making a bad decision. Hundreds of major employers have pointed to tax reform as an economic driver. Why can’t Ron Kind admit when he made a mistake?

Toft grew up on a farm in West Central Wisconsin, graduated from UW-Eau Claire and returned to Osseo after retirement. While serving 32 years in the Army, Toft served as a health care administrator. He lives there with his wife of 28 years Carla, together they have two grown children. His wife Carla also retired with rank of Colonel.

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