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Osseo, WI – Recently, former Vice President Joe Biden made a sweeping statement about Americans who support President Trump. He called supporters of the President “virulent people” and “dregs of society.” In response, Steve Toft challenged Ron Kind to answer whether he agrees with Mr. Biden.

“A lot of people right here in the 3rd District voted for President Trump,” said Toft. “Does Ron Kind agree with the disgusting words of the former Vice President? If so, how many voters here in Western Wisconsin are the “Dregs of Society?””

In 2016, 177,178 individuals voted for President Trump, far more than the 161,001 who voted for Hilary Clinton.

“Exactly how many of these voters are virulent people,” continued Toft. “Ron Kind is more than happy to take money from the liberal Washington special interests, but he is always silent when they make disparaging comments about his constituents. I think Ron Kind needs to tell us if he agrees with the former Vice President and future presidential candidate.”

Toft grew up on a farm in West Central Wisconsin, graduated from UW-Eau Claire and returned to Osseo after retirement. While serving 32 years in the Army, Toft served as a health care administrator. He lives there with his wife of 28 years Carla, together they have two grown children. His wife Carla also retired with rank of Colonel.

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