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First-time candidate challenges career politician to debate series

Osseo, WI – Today, Retired Army Colonel and first time congressional candidate Steve Toft challenged career politician Ron Kind to a series of 6 debates before the November election.

“While Ron Kind is relying on his millions in donations raised from his friends in DC, the people of the 3rd District deserve to see us side by side, debating the issues,” said Toft. “We have completely different backgrounds and different views on how move our country forward. I grew up on a farm, served my country for 32 years as a medical administrator in the Army and led men and women into battle. I want that background on display compared to Ron Kind’s career in Washington.”

Toft suggested that each of the 6 University of Wisconsin campuses in the district host the debates. The campuses are spread across the district in each of the population centers.

“The best way for the people to know who to vote for is to see us on the same stage, laying out our vision for the future,” Toft continued. “I am confident that when the voters can hear our messages the choice will be clear. The district wants a candidate that will reduce taxes, eliminate wasteful spending and create an environment for job growth.”

Toft grew up on a farm in West Central Wisconsin, graduated from UW-Eau Claire and returned to Osseo after retirement. He lives there with his wife of 28 years Carla, together they have two grown children. His wife Carla also retired with rank of Colonel.

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