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National trans-led political group joins Working Families Party, other national progressive groups in endorsing “Ironstache” to replace Paul Ryan

Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday, Trans United Fund, a national trans-led political group that was instrumental in doubling the number of trans elected officials in 2017 and has supported ally candidates in key races, announced their endorsement of Randy Bryce (D) for U.S. Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Bryce, a U.S. Army veteran warmly nicknamed “Ironstache” by his supporters for his years as a union ironworker-and for his statement facial hair-has made waves in the WI-01 Congressional race and attracted rapid support for his bold, progressive policies.

“I am honored to be endorsed by Trans United Fund,” said Randy Bryce. “Throughout this campaign, I have been a champion and an outspoken advocate for all people — including the trans and gender-expansive community in Wisconsin and across the country. I’ve been a strong supporter of Trans United Fund and their work for social justice since I participated in their Transgender Day of Visibility campaign in March. I welcome the chance to make progress this November in Wisconsin and Washington with their support.”

Trans United Fund touted Bryce’s working-class credentials and dedication to the needs of traditionally marginalized groups as key in their decision to join Working Families Party (who recruited and helped launch Bryce’s candidacy) and other impactful national progressive organizations in endorsing Bryce.

“Bryce is an everyday hero-a union ironworker who knows what it means to struggle to make ends meet, to struggle to access healthcare; that firsthand experience deepens his dedication to fighting for his fellow poor and working class people. From his time serving in the U.S. Army, to standing up for homeless veterans, and defending the rights of unions against Governor Scott Walker’s attacks, Bryce embodies the meaning of service. He is a champion for the rights of trans and queer people, people of color, women, immigrants, and is running to make our democracy work for everyone, not just the wealthy few,” Daye Pope, Trans United Fund’s Organizing Director, said Wednesday.

“Randy Bryce is a perfect example of how we progressives can come together across our differences, united in our commitment to equality and opportunity for all. Bryce’s commitment to workers’ rights, to investing in much-needed green infrastructure and small farms which will create good jobs, and his determination to ensure crisis services as well as job training and educational opportunities throughout Wisconsin and the U.S. are competently serving all who need them, including trans and nonbinary people, are just a handful of the reasons we proudly endorse him for U.S. Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st District.”

Wisconsin’s Democratic primary will take place on Aug. 14, 2018. If chosen as the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 1st district, Bryce will square off in November against the Republican nominee.

“We’re thrilled to stand with TUF in supporting the @IronStache. I sat down with Randy Bryce over a year ago and asked him to take on House Speaker Paul Ryan because Wisconsinites deserve a representative in Congress who has struggled with them and will fight for them,” said Marina Dimitrijevic, state director of the Wisconsin Working Families Party. “Randy has already vanquished Ryan on the heels of his tax giveaway to Wall Street and the richest Americans. We are fired up to work with TUF to elect a champion for trans and queer people in Wisconsin and across the country.”

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