The Congressional Leadership Fund has a new TV ad knocking 1st CD Dem Randy Bryce for his views on immigration.

The ad begins running today on digital and TV in the Milwaukee media market and is part of the Republican-endorsed group’s $2.5 million buy for the fall.

The 30-second spot begins with footage of a picture frame showing a white family as a female narrator says, “I want to live in a safe neighborhood and send my daughters to a safe school.”

The narrator then introduces herself as Katie Verzal of Bristol. She speaks directly into the camera as she emphasizes why she can’t support Bryce.

“Like Pelosi, Bryce supports sanctuary cities, providing safe haven to violent, illegal immigrants,” Verzal says as the screen shows photos of Pelosi, Bryce, San Francisco, and a man with a gun — all appearing in a reddish hue and underneath a seemingly broken glass screen.

“Bryce even wants to abolish ICE, the police agency that enforces our immigration laws,” Verzal says.

She argues it could bring more gangs and sex trafficking into neighborhoods.

“Randy Bryce’s views on illegal immigration are extreme and dangerous,” Verzal says to close out the spot.

Verzal is the recording secretary of the Republican Party of Kenosha County.

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