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Washington DC – Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing & Insurance and member of the House-Senate Conference Committee on the Farm Bill, today stood up for Wisconsin farmers in the Farm Bill Conference Meeting.

Excerpt of Duffy’s remarks:

“I come from America’s Dairyland, the great state of Wisconsin, where we have the happiest cows in America or North America. Also, we produce the best ginseng in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

“We have the largest production of cranberries in America in my district.

“Dairy is incredibly important to us. We need to make sure that we have a risk management program in place that actually is beneficial to our farmers, that we’re increasing coverage, and were allowing some of our smaller farmers to purchase that coverage at improved prices…”

“I want to commend both chambers and both parties for improving the MPP program that actually wasn’t working for our farmers. Thank you for that.”

Watch Duffy’s Remarks In Their Entirety by clicking HERE

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