In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to remand Gill v. Whitford on technical grounds, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04) released the following statement:

“Today, the Supreme Court had the opportunity to rule on the side of justice and democracy. They had the opportunity to guarantee that our representative democracy is built to work for everyone, regardless of race or political affiliation. They did not. Instead, they sidestepped a case essential to the well-being of our republic, leaving intact this cancer at the center of our politics.

“For far too long, Republicans in Wisconsin have tipped the scales in their favor, standing in the way of fair and effective representation and denying Wisconsinites their right to a core American principle: ‘one person, one vote’. The voting power of communities of color has been sliced and diced as representatives have gained the power to pick and choose their own constituents. In fact, in 2012, despite Democrats winning almost 200,000 more votes, Republicans secured 60 of 99 seats in the State Assembly. It doesn’t take a lawyer to know that is not how a democracy is supposed to work.

“By not setting a fair standard to adjudicate and evaluate partisan gerrymandering going forward, the Supreme Court has allowed one of the biggest threats to our democracy to go unchecked. But this is not a defeat. This fight is not over. We will continue to work, in Wisconsin and across the country, to guarantee once and for all that ‘one person, one vote’ is the law of the land.”

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