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Proposed Fiscal Year 2019 budget passed out of the Budget Committee last week

La Crosse – Today, U.S. Rep. Ron Kind urged Speaker Paul Ryan and Leader Nancy Pelosi to oppose efforts to bring the hyper-partisan Fiscal Year 2019 budget to the House Floor for a vote, citing the proposal’s intention to make major cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

“We should not allow an irresponsible, Washington budget to balance on the backs of Wisconsin seniors,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “Older Wisconsinites have earned Medicare and Social Security through years of payroll taxes and hard work. This proposed budget will gut the programs Wisconsinites rely on in their golden years, and should receive no consideration as we start to create our next budget.”

Last week, Republican leadership introduced a budget that would squeeze $537 billion out of Medicare in the next decade, and cut $4 billion from Social Security. It also includes provisions to cut $230 billion from education and job training programs, and reduces the availability of Pell Grant awards. The budget blueprint passed out of the Budget Committee last week.

Read the letter here.

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