Today, in honor of Milwaukee Air Force Veteran Corey Adams, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04) introduced the Corey Adams Searchlight Act, which would create a nation-wide third alert – a Green Alert – to locate missing at-risk veterans.

“Too many veterans put their lives on the line for this country without receiving the support and resources they need in return,” said Congresswoman Moore. “This bill, modeled after Wisconsin’s Green Alert program, takes an important step forward in ensuring our nation’s veterans receive the care and respect they so greatly deserve. It took eight days too long for Air Force Veteran Corey Adams to qualify for a missing persons alert. It’s my hope that this bill prevents tragedies of this nature from happening again. It’s Congress’s duty to protect veteran’s and their families.”

“This bill is important because had the “Green Alert” been operational when Corey went missing, he may have come home alive,” said Carmen Adams, Cory Adams’ sister. “We could not save my brother but it is my hope that by passing this bill and instituting a Green Alert nation-wide we can save others. As we approach Memorial Day, it is fitting that we remember my Corey by not forgetting his brothers and sisters in arms that may still be struggling with the effects of their military service.”

“If a soldier goes missing in the field, his or her unit will send out a search and rescue party. When an at-risk veteran goes missing at home, it should be all of our jobs to assist with the search however we can,” said Wisconsin Senator LaTonya Johnson. “Green Alerts, like the current system of Amber and Silver Alerts, will give us, the public, the opportunity to be on the lookout and help bring our missing veterans home safely. I am proud that Wisconsin continues to lead the way to put this vital safeguard in place by being the first state to pass such a law and now with Congresswoman Moore’s leadership to take this to the federal level to prevent other tragedies.”

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