Ben Voelkel

OSHKOSH — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) released a new episode of his podcast “Hey, Wisconsin” featuring a conversation with the team who brought the Joseph Project to central Wisconsin. This week marks the fourth Joseph Project class in Wausau, and the 44th class overall.  The Wausau class is organized by Chaplain Ray Slatton with support from Sen. Johnson staff.  Graduates get the chance to interview with Kolbe & Kolbe, an international manufacturer of custom windows and doors.

In this podcast, Sen. Johnson talks with Chaplain Slatton and Ann Micholic, Vice President of Human Resources at Kolbe & Kolbe about bringing the Joseph Project to the Wausau area and how they are helping make connections for people looking for meaningful work and employers looking for dedicated employees.

“It’s the most heartwarming thing I’ve done as a U.S. Senator,” says Sen. Johnson in this podcast. “Joseph Project participants start to understand by succeeding and doing something for themselves and their family, they are helping someone in the future that they don’t even know. That’s one of the real hallmarks of the Joseph Project.”

You can listen to this episode of “Hey, Wisconsin” here:

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