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LA CROSSE, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents unanimously approved a pay plan that would provide UW System employees a three percent pay plan increase for each of the two fiscal years starting July 1.

Regents also backed an identical pay plan for UW-Madison.

“An investment in the University of Wisconsin System is an investment in Wisconsin, and making investments in the System means attracting, retaining and rewarding our high-quality faculty and staff,” said Regent President John Robert Behling.

The proposal calls for full state funding of the general wage increase. Typically, the state provides about 70 percent of the UW System pay increase with the rest being funded by tuition.

“Full state funding of the pay plan means that investments are directed toward student success in the classroom,” said President Behling.

Pay plan increases have trailed inflation and benchmark competitors in recent years. Faculty salaries, in particular, continue to lag behind their peers.

The plans are now sent to the Administrator of the Division of Personnel Management who will submit a proposal on UW System and UW-Madison employee pay to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Employee Relations.

The recommended pay plan increases would be delivered to University of Wisconsin System and UW-Madison employees covered by the plan.

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