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RACINE, WISCONSIN – On Tuesday, November 6th, over 350 students with YES and Voces de la Frontera will canvass voters in working class Racine neighborhoods to encourage citizens to vote and support efforts to expand healthcare, fully fund public education, and restore access to driver licenses and in-state college tuition for Wisconsin immigrant families. This is likely the largest one-day youth GOTV canvass in the country.

“As a youth-led organization, we have the power to raise our voices on issues that affect our community,” said Yessica Rameriz, a senior at Horlick High School in Racine. “Although most of us are not allowed to vote because we are under 18, we will still educate people in our communities on how important it is to vote in these elections and how increasing the number of voter turnout will help us have better schools, roads, and healthcare.”

“YES is getting out the vote because these midterm elections will decide a lot,” said Luis Tapia, a senior at Horlick High School and YES leader. “These elections have the power to  change our community and our lives. Several students are underage and are not able to vote, and they know this. That’s why they know, they have to get the adults to be their voices. Myself and a lot of the youth are in this struggle for our lives.  We have already fought very hard for immigration reform and the Dream Act. And we will keep on going until our voices have been heard.”

“Students are doing their part to ensure that their voices are heard in this election by getting their communities to vote,” said Al Levie, a Horlick High School social studies teacher and long-time YES teacher-advisor. “Community power and student power go hand in hand.”

“Tuesday’s canvass will make an important stament to our community,” added Tabria Snead, a senior at Horlick High School in Racine. “The decisions that voters make affect all of our futures.”

YES is the youth arm of Voces de la Frontera, a 501c3 organization that fights for immigrant, worker, and student rights. Voces de la Frontera and YES do not support any political candidates or coordinate with their campaigns.

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