Contact: Sam Singleton-Freeman
[email protected]org

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — In Wisconsin, the Latinx vote proved key as Tony Evers defeated Scott Walker. Evers declared support for restoring access to driver licenses for immigrant families and in-state tuition in public colleges for immigrant students, withstanding racist, anti-immigrant attack ads from Walker assailing him for these positions in the final weeks of the campaign. Voces de la Frontera Action organized thousands of Latinx voters across Wisconsin through the Voceros por el Voto program to vote for Evers and pro-immigrant candidates up and down the ballot.

“We that knew this was a tight race and the Latinx vote would make the difference,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action. “Through our Voceros por el Voto program, Voces de la Frontera Action organized thousands of Latinx voters throughout Wisconsin to challenge Trump and Walker’s anti-immigrant, anti-worker agenda. The Latinx community was not only decisive in this election, but we now have a statewide network of voters and organizers who are ready to escalate to the next phase of the struggle. We will fight to retore driver licenses for all people in Wisconsin – immigrants and disenfranchised citizens who have lost access to driver licenses because of poverty. We will fight to restore tuition equity for immigrant students and invest in public education.”

“At the national level, the Democratic House victory is a repudiation of Trump’s white nationalist agenda,” continued Neumann-Ortiz, “and in Wisconsin we have defeated one of his worst enablers in Walker. This is a victory for the immigrant and refugee rights movement. We live in a critical time, when immigrants and refugees are being agressively targeted. We will continue to build a base of workers and families to take bold actions like Days without Latinx and Immigrants general strikes to defend our families, to win legislatively, and to win electorally in 2020, when Trump is on the ballot.”

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