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BaldwinCare Abolishes Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Employer Health Coverage
Brookfield, Wis. — BaldwinCare — which the left-leaning Urban Institute says will cost $32 trillion — would end Medicare, Medicare Advantage and all employer-provided healthcare covering Wisconsin families, according to the London Center for Policy Research.

The news follows nurse Leah Vukmir’s latest ad, which the media ignored, because it’s more fun to report on Baldwin’s misleading healthcare attack ads, than Baldwin’s radical healthcare proposal that actually ends Medicare and employer-provided health insurance. The ad featured Theresa, a woman with a rare lung disease who is one of the 3.4 million Wisconsinites that would lose their employer insurance under BaldwinCare.

“Senator Baldwin’s $32 trillion plan for government-run health care will eliminate Medicare, Medicare Advantage and employer-provided health insurance making our health care system unrecognizable,” said Leah Vukmir campaign manager Jess Ward. “When you get sick, who would you rather work with — a nurse or a career politician? As a nurse, Leah Vukmir knows Baldwin’s proposal for government-run healthcare is too radical for Wisconsin.”


Betsy McCaughey is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research finds that Medicare for All will end Medicare, Medicare Advantage and employer-provided health coverage.  “Sen. Bernie Sanders says that because Medicare is ‘the most popular, successful and cost-effective health insurance in the country’ everyone should have it, regardless of age.  But watch out for the bait and switch. Truth is, Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation actually abolishes Medicare and Medicare Advantage, as well as employer-provided coverage, union plans and plans people buy for themselves. Every person will be forced into a mandatory, government-run system with the phony name “Medicare for All.” Whether you want it or not. The quality of your medical care will plummet.  Medicare for All will plunge hospitals into financial distress, exposing patients to dangerous medical shortages and forcing pay cuts on health care workers. New York hospitals and their workforce will get clobbered the worst.” (New York Post, 10/16/18)

The left-leaning Urban Institute says BaldwinCare will cost $32 trillion.  “32 trillion.  That is how much federal spending would increase over 10 years under Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-all bill, according to a brand-new estimate from the libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center at George Mason University.  Before you question the source (like Sanders did), you should know the left-leaning Urban Institute came up with the exact same number in 2016.” (Vox, 07/31/18)

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