Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

Contact: Jessica Ward, (608) 213-5939

Nurse and military mom Leah Vukmir joined Jay Weber on 1130 WISN on Thursday morning to talk about how Tammy Baldwin let us down at the Tomah VA by looking out for her political career more than our veterans.

Listen to the interview here
Some highlighted quotes are below:

“As a nurse and as a military mom, this makes me so upset to think that Tammy Baldwin ignored our veterans. She let our veterans down and trust me, I’ve been talking to veterans all over the state and they are fully aware of how she let them down.”

“She requested this report because she heard from a constituent that there were problems at the Tomah VA. Unfortunately, after she learned what was in the report, she didn’t act on it. And why? We know why — because she was trying to cover for the Obama administration that was failing our veterans.”

“She did nothing. She wanted to save her political career. She wanted to protect the Obama administration. I think that is absolutely unconscionable.”

“If she did nothing wrong there would’ve been no reason to fire staff or offer a taxpayer-funded settlement to silence her aide. This is a cover-up that resulted in a veteran losing his life. Our veterans deserve better care.”

“Tammy Baldwin will go to any length to protect her DC swamp paycheck.”

“We need somebody who will go to Washington, who will listen to their constituents, who will care about their constituents, who will follow through and do the right thing. And Tammy Baldwin hasn’t done that.”

“I will think of all veterans as I think of my son because I know what that commitment is like. I know what it means because I’ve seen it through his eyes. And they have my word.”

“We need to make sure that those that put their lives on the line have the best opportunity to receive the care that they deserve. I will certainly be put in a position to do that — the combination of being a military mom and a nurse, understanding exactly the type of care that they need and they deserve.”

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