Contact: Jess Ward, (608) 213-5939

Brookfield, Wis. — Nurse, military mom, and U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir issued the following call to action for voters to get engaged in the Wisconsin Senate race:

“Tammy Baldwin and her extreme left allies are using every smear tactic and despicable trick in an attempt to silence us, beat us and obstruct reforms that will help the American middle class. They will stop at nothing. They’ll even use politically motivated smear tactics to prevent a vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“Wisconsinites want leaders who follow through on their promises and get results — not ones who obstruct the will of the people. Tammy Baldwin has lied and distorted my record to cover up her failures at the Tomah VA. It’s disgusting, and I’m fed up.

“Wisconsinites deserve better than Tammy Baldwin’s lies and her ineffective socialist solutions. They deserve access to the best healthcare. Those with pre-existing conditions shouldn’t have to tolerate low-quality, government-run health care, which will bankrupt our country.

“I’ve been through the fires with the people of Wisconsin as Democrats unleashed hell to prevent good governance in Wisconsin. Now is the time for the silent majority and our leaders to have the backbone and once again say enough is enough. Middle-class tax cuts, the Constitution and Wisconsin decency are all on the ballot in the Senate race.

“The time is now. We must get fired up. We must fight. People are already early voting in this election, and so much is at stake. We need all hands on deck to make certain we can continue moving Wisconsin — and our nation — in the right direction.”

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