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Leah Vukmir for U.S. Senate
ContactJessica Ward, (608) 213-5939
On Thursday, nurse and U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir joined the Vicki McKenna Show to discuss the dangers of BaldwinCare – Senator Baldwin’s plan for socialized medicine. BaldwinCare would take 3.4 million Wisconsinites off of their current health insurance plans and onto a new completely government-run plan.

(Leah joins Vicki around the 11-minute mark.)

Listen to the podcast here.
“I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs about this. I have been talking about it at two debates now, and the media continues to just go with Tammy Baldwin’s lies about pre-existing conditions.”

“3.4 million Wisconsinites will lose employer-based insurance if Senator Baldwin’s plan goes through. Seniors, Medicare and Medicare Advantage goes away. And unlike Canada and England, where you still can purchase private insurance, Senator Baldwin says, ‘Nope, you can’t do that.'”

“To me, I have worked too hard and too long to deliver great care in some great hospitals and clinics in this state, and I’m not going to let her have a chance at destroying the health care system that people in this state and country deserve.”

“When I called Tammy Baldwin out on this, she looked incredulous. ‘What do you mean? How can my bill that is Medicare for All get rid of Medicare?’ And I said, ‘Read the bill, Senator Baldwin.'”

“What is going to happen to the quality of care? In England we’ve already seen what happens under that scenario. You wait 12 hours in an emergency room… A large number of patients wait almost two months from the onset of a diagnosis, a disease, until their first treatment. Could you imagine if you were a breast cancer patient diagnosed and now you have to wait two months before your first treatment? It’s unheard of. And forget about hip surgeries and knee replacements. Those are considered elective surgeries — go the back of the line, you have to wait. We’ve seen what’s happened when there have been outbreaks of illnesses and diseases in the hospitals in England. What do they do? They cancel all surgeries because they cannot possibly, with the number of health care professionals, help the people who need care. There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of care will greatly diminish. This is not the direction we need to go in.”

Listen to the podcast here.
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