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On her surge in the polls:

“Among 56 percent who are aware of both candidates, we are leading 44 to 28 percent. That’s a 16-point advantage. I’m also leading among the most enthusiastic voters, and those who are most likely to vote.”

“Our message is resonating. What we have accomplished is resonating. When you have the opportunity to talk about what we’ve accomplished, it’s very easy to take that message and say, the next step is we need a leader in Washington to join Sen. Johnson who will do the same.”

See here for the polling details.

On her support for President Trump:

“I’ve never backed away from being supportive of President Trump — even back in the election, I was part of the Women for Trump radio ad. I’ve found out as I’ve toured our state that Trump’s message has resonated. And as a nurse, I always listen.”

“Trump is winning. People aren’t sick of winning yet. Think of all the things that have been accomplished in the short time he’s been president: Tax cuts, electing judges committed to the Constitution, helping our veterans, standing up for America, cutting burdensome regulations, repealing Dodd-Frank… He’s getting things done. That’s what people want. That’s what we have done in Wisconsin. People like that about what we have done here, and they want to see more of that in Washington.”

On the new revelations that Obama tried to help Iran secure financing with American banks:

“Not only did the dangerous Iran deal fail to stop Iran, but we were aiding and abetting the No. 1 state sponsor of terror. It’s despicable. We need leaders who are going to stand up for America and not make deals with our enemies. That’s what’s so refreshing about Donald Trump he is standing up to foreign leaders. He is not bowing to them, literally and figuratively, like Obama did.”

On her Drain the Swamp plan:

“Washington is way out of touch with the rest of the world. We can bring things closer to the people. As somebody who really believes in federalism, the solutions to the problems that face us are best handled by the people closer to those problems. Bring these things back to our states.”

On if her plans are too extreme for a statewide race:

“Voters want bold leadership. That’s why Gov. Walker was able to win his recall six years ago. It’s saying what you’re going to do, following through and doing it. And then showing the results that have made a significant difference. I think that Washington can learn a lot from our lessons. All eyes have been on Wisconsin because we have led on bold reforms.”

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