Vukmir campaign: Nicholson fact check: Nicholson opposed Trump in 2016 Primary

Contact: Jessica Ward,

Nicholson Also Hired A Team Critical Of President Trump And The Trump White House  

While the Nicholson campaign tries to undermine proven conservative Leah Vukmir’s strong support for President Trump, it must be clear that Kevin Nicholson himself was a Marco Rubio donor during the 2016 Republican primary.

After Kevin Nicholson donated to Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, he did nothing to help Donald Trump in 2016, sided with Steve Bannon against President Trump in 2017 and then surrounded himself with the aides who directed leading campaigns and spending millions against President Trump.

Leah Vukmir is the only candidate in this race who has stood strongly with President Trump consistently, even recording an ad supporting him during the most difficult days of his campaign.

Meanwhile, Kevin Nicholson was nowhere to be found.

On November 11, 2016, Mr. Kevin M. Nicholson donated $250 to Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. 
(Federal Election Commission, Accessed, 07/31/18)

In 2017, Kevin Nicholson’s top spokesperson penned an op-ed that was highly critical of President Trump and the Trump White House. “Mr. President — Be transparent. Get control of your message. We need you answering questions and speaking for yourself. You control the message, so start delivering it.” (The Hill, 05/19/17)

In 2016, Kevin Nicholson’s top aide, Jeff Roe, said Donald Trump would be a down-ballot disaster. “Donald Trump’s nomination would be a down-ballot disaster so bad that “it could be a situation where we’d have to rename our party.” (Politico, 04/20/16)

In 2016, David McIntosh, the president of the Club for Growth who is spending millions against Wisconsin conservative Leah Vukmir said President Trump is a not really a conservative. “The Club for Growth isn’t letting up in a heavy advertising campaign aimed at taking down Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.” (The Hill, 03/11/16)