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Support for Nicholson Collapsing, While Leah Leads By 17 With Those Aware Of Both Candidates

Brookfield, Wis. – Leah Vukmir’s campaign released polling Monday showing huge momentum behind Leah’s candidacy following her landmark victory and endorsement at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s state convention in May.

Leah has moved into a statistical tie against Kevin Nicholson — 30% to 32%. Just two months ago, Kevin Nicholson’s campaign released polling showing him at 45% with an 18-point lead.

“This latest polling shows clear momentum behind Leah’s candidacy following the endorsement of the Wisconsin GOP’s grassroots a few weeks ago,” said campaign manager Jess Ward. “This confirms what we already knew: Despite millions from out-of-state special interests supporting his campaign, Nicholson’s support is collapsing, and Leah’s message of helping President Trump pass his conservative agenda is clearly resonating.”

This news comes on the heels of the Nicholson campaign undergoing a second shake-up with the departure of its campaign manager two weeks ago.

Key variables favoring Leah in this latest survey include:

  • Leah has 62% statewide name ID, with 37:4, favorable:unfavorable.
  • Nicholson has 69% statewide name ID, with 40:9, fav:unfav.
  • Among the 56% aware of both candidates, Leah leads 44% to 28%.
  • Leah leads with very conservative voters 35% to 29%.
  • 43% are 10 enthusiasm voters, and Leah leads 35% to 32%.
  • 49% are high propensity voters, Leah leads 37% to 32%.
  • Leah leads in the heavily populated Milwaukee DMA, 46% to 24%.


  • Leah for Senate commissioned American Viewpoint to conduct a survey of likely 2018 GOP primary election voters in Wisconsin.
  • Interviews were conducted from May 29 to 31, 2018.
  • The margin of error for the full sample (n=500) is +/- 4.4% at the 95% confidence level.
  • Approximately 38% of interviews were conducted with a cell phone sample.
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