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Madison, Wis. — After traveling across the state and talking with voters for more than a year, U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir, R–Brookfield, is attending the luncheon featuring Sen. Tammy Baldwin on Thursday.

“As I’ve crossed the state over the past year, I’ve heard from Wisconsinites from Superior to Kenosha who are upset that Tammy Baldwin is not representing them in the U.S. Senate,” Leah said. “As a constituent of Tammy’s, I wanted to hear her defend the policies she supports that do not positively impact the lives of Wisconsinites — for example, blocking tax reform or choosing illegal immigrants over our military. Unfortunately, Tammy sides with her liberal donors from California or New York over the people of Wisconsin every single time.”

Sen. Baldwin has either voted no or tried to stand in the way of all of the following this past session:

Streamlining America’s tax code and providing much-needed relief to middle-class Wisconsinites while encouraging businesses to bring jobs back from overseas
Repealing Obamacare and working to lower the exploding health care insurance premiums for working Wisconsinites
Building the wall and providing border security so we can begin to solve America’s immigration problem
Protecting life by stopping late-term abortions; Tammy didn’t even vote — yea or nay — on a bill that would prevent women from killing their unborn babies after 20 weeks
The bills that Tammy has signed on to this last session include:

Bernie Sanders’ single-payer, government-run health care bill that would cause the nation to go deeper and deeper into debt
A bill by Elizabeth Warren that would take away Wisconsinites’ right to work without being forced into a union
Bills to reform the VA in a feeble attempt to cover up the fact that she swept the inspector general’s report about the appalling prescribing abuses at the Tomah VA under the rug
Leah Vukmir is a nurse, military mom and conservative with a proven record of reform who is running to bring the Wisconsin Way to Washington. She currently serves as a state senator from Brookfield.

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