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Brookfield, Wis. — In September 2017, Sen. Tammy Baldwin wrote an op-ed for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel boasting her support for socialist Bernie Sanders’ single-payer, government-run health care plan that would cost $32.6 trillion.

Baldwin’s position highlights her extreme, liberal ideology and disregard for taxpayers, a stark contrast to Wisconsin nurse and fiscal conservative Leah Vukmir. Leah knows that repealing Obamacare and implementing free-market reforms will improve quality and lower premiums.

“Radical liberals like two-faced Tammy Baldwin lied when they voted for Obamacare. Wisconsinites weren’t able to keep their doctor, and costs skyrocketed. Baldwin’s plan for a government-run system will destroy health care,” said Leah’s campaign manager Jess Ward. “Unlike Baldwin who has spent her entire career in politics, Leah is a pediatric nurse who understands that it’s in patients’ best interests to replace Obamacare with solutions that will truly make quality health care affordable.”

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