GOP U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir unveiled the first TV ad of her campaign today, saying she’s been threatened for what she believes in and knows “what it takes” to stand on principle.

The spot opens with an answering machine playing messages in which the callers say, “I know where you live and I’m gonna come for you” and “You’re gonna die, and I’m gonna be the one who does it.”

The camera then pans to Vukmir sitting at a table with a handgun in a holster in front of her. Vukmir’s campaign said it’s her gun.

“Ever have someone threaten your life for what you believe in? I have,” Vukmir says.

She adds the “left couldn’t take it” when she and Scott Walker “beat the union bosses, cut billions in taxes and defunded Planned Parenthood.” She says with President Trump, “we can do the same in Washington.”

“Standing on principle takes guts. I know what it takes,” says to close the spot.


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