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Wachs calls for real solutions for families, including family-supporting jobs, collective bargaining, family supports, and more

EAU CLAIRE – Dana Wachs spoke out about President Donald Trump’s first year in office today in advance of Trump’s scheduled State of the Union address:

“Donald Trump spent the first year of his presidency dividing our nation with racist, irresponsible rhetoric. When he wasn’t spewing hate from the oval office, he was fighting to give wealthy special interests huge taxpayer-funded cash payouts, to strip Americans of healthcare, and to isolate our nation from the rest of the world. Americans deserve better. Wisconsinites deserve better.

“Gov. Scott Walker should be fighting President Trump’s ignorant policies, but he’s proven that he is all too happy to be Trump’s lackey. Frankly, it’s time to show Walker the door; in 2020, we’ll do the same for Trump.

“We need real solutions to move our country forward. That includes investing in workers and families with solutions for people struggling to make ends meet, pay down student loan debt, and to afford childcare costs.

“That also includes real plans for rebuilding our roads and bridges, and for building new mass transit solutions to connect America’s workers to the jobs that will grow our economy.

“As Wisconsin’s next governor, I’ll fight for Wisconsinites. We can and will build a better future together.”

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