Alex Lasry Endorses Dana Wachs for Wisconsin Governor
 Contact: Olivia Hwang, [email protected], 225.610.8660
EAU CLAIRE – Alex Lasry, Senior Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks, today endorsed Dana Wachs for governor:

“I’m happy to endorse Dana Wachs to be our next Governor because not only does he value every part of Wisconsin, but he knows that we are better when we work together.

“And it’s time for a change. When I sat down with Dana in August, I knew he was the best candidate to move Wisconsin forward. He’s a Western Wisconsinite who has fought for farmers, teachers, and workers. He’s also fought to bring investments to Milwaukee because he knows they will benefit everyone in the state.

“Dana’s worked hard for Milwaukee — from fighting for the $15 an hour minimum wage, to investments for our schools and family-supporting jobs. And he’s backed investments in Milwaukee that will help the city grow like the Water Council, which is driving public-private partnerships and innovation making Milwaukee a leader in the global water industry.

“Dana also has the best plan to grow our economy, to support new start-up businesses, and to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. He’s fought every step of the way for family-supporting wages — on the Eau Claire City Council, in the legislature, and in the business that he’s run for nearly three decades.

“No matter what part of the state you’re from, Dana’s one of us. He can bring together people from Northern Wisconsin with voters in Milwaukee and Madison.

“I’m proud to support Dana not just because he’s a progressive Democrat who is fighting for our future, but because he will be the leader we need as we look to grow the state and make Wisconsin work for everyone.”

Alex Lasry is senior vice president for the Milwaukee Bucks and a former Obama White House Staffer who has emerged as a young progressive leader in Milwaukee.

Dana Wachs is a workers’ rights advocate, attorney, and Democratic state legislator from Western Wisconsin running for governor who has spent his life fighting for affordable health care and an economy that works or everyone.

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