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MADISON – Rep. Wachs, a Democratic candidate for governor, announced a plan today that would help provide Wisconsin seniors maintain their independence, financial security, and health. The plan, called the Wisconsin Senior Security Plan, is aimed at ensuring Wisconsin seniors have the security to retire, would expand access to healthcare security for all Wisconsinites, and would assist individuals in maintaining their independence at retirement age.

“Folks in Wisconsin should have a path toward a secure future, but too many are worried they will never be able to retire. My plan helps ensure every Wisconsin worker can plan and save for retirement, can have access to critical health care services as they age, and ensures that folks have the tools available to help them stay in their home as they age if they choose to do so.

“Wisconsin’s seniors built the economy this state relies upon. They taught our children, built our roads, and created jobs that thousands of hard-working Wisconsinites rely on every day. It is our responsibility to make sure that Wisconsin seniors cans continue to thrive in the years to come,” said Rep. Wachs.

The Senior Security Plan includes:

Retirement Security

  • Create a “Work and Save” program that enables Wisconsin’s private sector workers to invest a small portion of their paycheck into a fund similar to the Wisconsin Retirement System.
  • Protect the Wisconsin Retirement System, Medicare, and Social Security from political tinkering by politicians in our state’s capitol and Washington D.C.
  • Create tax friendly long-term care investment accounts to help people save for their long-term care needs.
  • Ensure that all Wisconsin residents receive the benefits of future budget surpluses.

Healthcare Security

  • Expand BadgerCare to ensure older adults with limited income have access to affordable quality healthcare.
  • Make SeniorCare permanent and end the cycle of uncertainty around prescription drug assistance.
  • Allow for higher-income older adults to buy into BadgerCare.
  • Crackdown on big pharmaceutical companies who are price gouging Wisconsin consumers.


  • Expand the homestead tax credit to help more people with fixed incomes remain in their homes.
  • Enact a new Caregiver Tax Credit for family members who are taking care of a parent, grandparent, or loved one.
  • Restore and expand Wisconsin’s paid family leave program to ensure family members do not have to choose between their job and taking care of a senior loved one.
  • Raise reimbursement rates for long-term care workers to ensure seniors have access to quality in-home care.
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