Dana Wachs Congratulates Scott Walker on Being Traded to Minnesota
Scott Walker on a recent visit to cheer on a Minnesota sports team.
Photo Credit: @Scott Walker
EAU CLAIRE – Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democratic candidate for governor, issued the following statement today regarding the announcement of Scott Walker’s trade to Minnesota:

“Scott Walker leaves an unprecedented record of under-achievement in Wisconsin, and we can only wish our western neighbors the best of luck as they will certainly need it. Today’s gubernatorial trade follows a pattern of Minnesota welcoming former Wisconsinites in the twilight of their careers to their state.

“Beverly and I want to extend our best wishes for safe travel as the Walker family drives their U-Haul down Wisconsin’s pothole-filled roads on their way to their new home. May they enjoy the economic prosperity Minnesota families and businesses have achieved over the past eight years under progressive, pro-worker policies.”

With Scott Walker leading their team, Minnesota fans can look forward to:

  • giving away billions of Minnesota tax dollars to a foreign corporation looking to relocate to Mankato, making Walker’s Foxconn boondoggle only the second largest corporate handout in the nation’s history;
  • spending $7 million to recruit Wisconsin residents to take Minnesota jobs;
  • lowering Minnesota families’ wages by $8,000 per household to match the wages he lowered in Wisconsin;
  • opening the door for out-of-state developers to mine Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes;
  • denying health insurance to Minnesota’s 200,000 residents who were newly eligible for health insurance through Minnesota’s ACA expansion;
  • turning Minnesota’s budget surplus into biennial deficits;
  • putting a stop to the METRO light rail program creating jobs and driving development in underserved areas;
  • allowing foreign companies to drain Minnesota’s Boundary Waters and restore them in Southern Minnesota;
  • pitting the residents of Rochester, St. Cloud, and Duluth against the liberals of St. Paul; and
  • 57 more years without a Super Bowl-winning football team. (Because we know how well it worked out the last time Minnesota traded for someone named Walker.)

Dana, Beverly, their three children Jordan, Jessica, and Elliott, and their dog, Artie, wish all of Wisconsin a happy April Fool’s Day!

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