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EAU CLAIRE – Dana Wachs critiqued Gov. Scott Walker’s visit to the White House for President Trump’s infrastructure announcement as a thinly veiled attempt to earmark more taxpayer money for Foxconn:

“Look, we can all see through Gov. Walker’s fancy trip to Washington. It’s all about Foxconn. He’s already promised $4.5 billion of our money to the Taiwanese manufacturer; now he wants even more cash from the federal government to line their pockets and pave their roads. What about the rest of Wisconsin?

“Enough is enough. Taxpayers don’t want a single penny more spent on Walker’s fixation with Foxconn at the expense of the roads and bridges that our families and workers rely on every day.

“Today, our problems are the same as Gov. Walker’s first day in office. He failed to find a sustainable way to fix our transportation problem. It’s time we hold him accountable for his failures.

“Finding a solution to our transportation crisis will require real leadership and a bi-partisan compromise. I have spent the past 32 years fighting for Wisconsinites and will bring the needed leadership to the governor’s office to solve our transportation funding crisis.”

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