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MADISON – Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democratic candidate challenging Scott Walker in November, issued a statement in support of UPS workers as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters negotiates a new labor contract. The Teamsters voted last week to authorize a strike of all 260,000 UPS workers.

“Wisconsin doesn’t work if our workers aren’t respected. It’s about time that every worker be able to earn a fair, living wage at a safe job with decent working conditions. Labor unions are the backbone of a fair system. We’ve got to raise wages, respect our workers, and ensure pay equity across every profession.

“Gov. Walker and the GOP have systematically suppressed wages in Wisconsin. They have stripped away the rights of workers and tipped the scales in favor of employers at the bargaining table. I stand in solidarity with all Wisconsin workers and the Teamsters have my support as they negotiate a new contract with UPS,” said Dana Wachs.

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