OSHKOSH – Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democratic challenger to Gov. Scott Walker in November, was endorsed by Teamsters Locals 200 and 344. The endorsement comes as Democrats gather in Oshkosh for the Wisconsin Democratic Convention.

“I’m incredibly humbled to receive the endorsements of both Teamsters Local 200 and the Local 344. They represent the hard-working folks all over our state who keep our communities and our economy running, and they know that I will fight for them and for every other working family in Wisconsin.

“Tom Bennett and Bill Carroll are strong advocates for workers’ rights. They know we’ve got to have a fighter in the governor’s office if we’re going to repair and reinvest in Wisconsin’s people, workers, and communities. I’m proud that they know I will make government work for people again, not the 1 percent.

“It’s time for real change in Wisconsin, and I’m going to bring that. I’m going to beat Scott Walker in November,” said Dana Wachs.

Below is endorsement release from the Teamsters Locals 200 and 344:

Teamsters Locals 200 and 344 have announced their endorsement of State Representative Dana Wachs for Governor of Wisconsin. Wachs has consistently fought for justice for Wisconsin working families both through his work in the state legislature and through his private legal practice.

Wachs is running to protect our Wisconsin values and move our state forward in a way that benefits all citizens equally.

“Current Governor Scott Walker has taken Wisconsin backward through his obedience to the whims of his wealthy donors,” said Tom Bennett, President of Teamsters Local 200. “As governor, Dana Wachs will work to repair the damage done by Walker and get this state back on track. He understands that state government should work for all citizens, not just the 1 percent.”

Wachs’ substantial experience and excellent track record both publicly as legislator and in his private legal practice have him positioned perfectly to be an effective governor for the people on day one.

“After two terms of Walker and his lickspittles in the legislature, I don’t think Wisconsin can take much more,” said Bill Carroll, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 344. “Wisconsin is falling apart and we need a Governor that will step in immediately and decisively, and act in the best interests Wisconsin’s working families. In our view, Dana Wachs is a great choice, the best choice, and the only choice.”

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