EAU CLAIRE – Dana Wachs’ campaign today launched a Worst of Walker March Madness Bracket to raise awareness about the ongoing damage to Wisconsin caused by Gov. Scott Walker and to promote participation in upcoming elections. Modeled after the NCAA March Madness basketball bracket, 64 failures and reckless policies by Gov. Walker are matched up across four divisions — Education & Economy, Healthcare & Public Safety, Infrastructure & Environment, and Ethics, Elections & Attacks on Wisconsinites.

You can view the bracket here.

“Frankly, it can be overwhelming to see what Gov. Walker has done to our state. Walker’s attacks on our public schools, workers, wages, and our communities are constant and, in a lot of ways, that can may make people feel like there is nothing we can do. By allowing visitors to the bracket to vote for the worst thing Walker has done to our state, we’re reminding voters that they have a way to stop Gov. Walker — by voting him out of office in November,” said Brita Olsen, Wachs for Wisconsin campaign manager.

“Dana is the only candidate who can beat Scott Walker in November. I’m confident that support for Dana will continue to build as more people learn about his positions on the issues that matter like creating good-paying, family-supporting jobs, investing in schools and infrastructure, and protecting our environment.

“The bracket also reminds voters of the upcoming April 3 election and the gubernatorial election dates. We hope it helps raise awareness and participation in these important races.

“Gov. Walker spent the last seven years picking winners and losers in Wisconsin — and his winners were wealthy special interests. It’s time to let Wisconsin voters pick winners and a new governor.”

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