EAU CLAIRE – Madison-area Rep. Terese Berceau endorsed Dana Wachs today calling him “the advocate Wisconsin needs to rebuild our state:”

“Dana is a man of integrity. I’ve had the honor of working with him for the last six years in the legislature and have seen him fight for the people of Wisconsin each and every day. We need a governor who will work for all of the people, not one who takes your tax money to give to wealthy special interests. Dana will be a governor for the people.

“Living and working in Madison, and serving in the legislature for 17 years I’ve experienced the tenures of three different governors. Good leaders know that we succeed as a state when we take care of people in every community. Dana will work for every community, from Madison to Milwaukee and Beloit to Bayfield. Dana’s not just about saying the right talking points at campaign events, he’ll work for all of us starting on day one.

“Our current governor says that we’re headed in the right direction. How can he say that when our workers have seen their wages fall behind those in neighboring states? Our roads are crumbling. Our schools have had their budgets slashed again and again. Enough is enough. Dana is the advocate Wisconsin needs to rebuild our state,” said Rep. Berceau.

“I’m honored to accept Terese’s endorsement. She has fought for Wisconsin in the capitol and in her community. And I’m grateful that the people who know my work best are endorsing me for governor,” said Dana Wachs.

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