Contact: Olivia Hwang,, 225.610.8660

GREEN BAY – While on the road in Green Bay today, Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democratic candidate for governor, responded to Gov. Walker’s press conference, roundtable, and $5,000-per-person dinner in Milwaukee:

“Gov. Walker clearly doesn’t get it. The people of our state want investments in our communities. We want safe roads, better schools, good-paying jobs, fully funded universities, high-speed broadband, and a future that will benefit every Wisconsinite. Instead of working on those issues, he’s courting Vice President Mike Pence with all the pomp and ceremony he can muster.

“It’s clear that Gov. Walker still has his sights set on the White House, not on Wisconsin. For years, we wondered what would make Gov. Walker hurt our communities with budget cuts, failed policies, and neglectful governance. Well, he gave us that answer in 2016 when he ran for president. I don’t think for a second that he’s given up that pipe dream.

“It’s time we hold Gov. Walker accountable for his actions and show him the door in November.”

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