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EAU CLAIRE – Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democratic candidate for governor, responded to a Dane County Circuit Court decision issued this afternoon in which Judge Richard Niess affirmed an order by Judge Josann Reynolds that Gov. Scott Walker must call special elections for two long-vacant legislative seats:

“First, Gov. Walker implemented restrictive voter ID requirements. Next, he gerrymandered Wisconsin districts. Then he cut back early voting opportunities. And with his refusal to hold special elections, he is simply denying voters even the opportunity for an election. There is nothing less democratic or less American.

“There is nothing more sacred than your constitutional right to vote. Gov. Walker is denying Wisconsinites the right to vote. His efforts have become more and more extreme over the years. The people of Wisconsin will not have it anymore. We will not allow him to behave like a monarch. We will demand representation under the law for the voters of Lodi and DePere. And we will vote Walker out of office in November.”

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