STEVENS POINT – Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democratic candidate for governor challenging Scott Walker in November, called out Gov. Walker for neglecting to address the devastating impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Wisconsin for eight years.

“Well, I’m glad Gov. Walker finally agrees with me, but I’d say he’s about eight years too late. While Gov. Walker sat on his hands and did nothing to address Chronic Wasting Disease, the number of counties impacted doubled. That’s outrageous.

“Chronic wasting disease is a crisis in our state, which is why I released a plan last with Rep. Nick Milroy year to save Wisconsin’s deer. We had wide support from hunters, environmental groups and concerned Wisconsinites, but Gov. Walker ignored our solution.

“The Wisconsin conservation has community has called for action by the governor years. While we don’t know the full extent of the damage done, we do know that Walker has been negligent for the last eight years. We know he’s failed to take action to protect one of our state’s heritage and a treasured pastime in Wisconsin.

“I’ve been a hunter all my life, and these issues are not new to me. Protecting our environment and our natural resources will be a top priority for me as governor. It’s time we give Walker the boot in November and elect a progressive who isn’t afraid to get stuff done.”

In 2017, Rep. Dana Wachs and Rep. Nick Milroy released a plan to stop the spread of CWD in Wisconsin’s deer herd. The related release can be found here: click to view release.

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