Contact: Olivia Hwang,, 225.610.8660

EAU CLAIRE – Rep. Dana Wachs, a Democrat challenging Gov. Scott Walker in November, responded to news just released that the Hammes Company owned by Jon Hammes, Gov. Walker’s campaign finance chairman and donor to Walker’s re-election bid, was just awarded the master planning contract for Foxconn’s 2,900-acre factory campus:

“Frankly, I don’t think Scott Walker is fit to be our governor. Walker is using a taxpayer-funded project to financially benefit his campaign supporters. That’s outrageous and I think anyone with even a little common sense gets that it is corrupt.

“Gov. Walker seems to think that no one will notice he’s using taxpayer money to line the pockets of his donors. I’ve got news for you, Gov. Walker: Wisconsin taxpayers are paying attention.

“We need to vote out corrupt politicians who think it is acceptable to use our tax dollars like their own personal piggy bank. Walker doesn’t get to cut public schools, cut health care, and reduce the wages of working families in Wisconsin only to turn around and make sure his super rich buddies are getting a cut of a nearly $10 billion project.”

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