Contact: Olivia Hwang,, 715.972.3262

EAU CLAIRE – Dana Wachs responded today to Gov. Scott Walker’s call for a special session to vote on a package of bills that fails to address access to weapons of war in Wisconsin:

“Wisconsin public schools deserve every dollar we can invest in them for education, mental health services, and resources for teachers and staff. It does nothing to address the fact that a dangerous person can purchase a weapon of war designed to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time without facing a background check or a waiting period.

“It is astonishing that this proposal comes less than 24 hours after thousands of students from all across the state marched right up to Walker’s office to demand gun safety changes. A real leader listens to the people he was elected to represent.

“If Walker was serious, if he was committed to protecting our students, he would disavow the NRA. He would give back their money. He would behave like he has a backbone and advocate for common-sense gun reform.

“By placing all of the focus for this so-called reform on what is happening in our classrooms, Walker is saying that students, faculty, and parents are somehow responsible. I’ve had it with that reasoning. Politicians who are too afraid to stand up for the truth and for their communities are the problem.

“My gun safety reform package addresses access to weapons of war, keeping guns out of hands of dangerous people, and other measures that have broad public support. I’ve been fighting this issue for years alongside my Democratic colleagues in the legislature. If Walker were serious, if Republican leaders were serious, they would have allowed our bills to be heard and voted to approve them. We can and must make meaningful change, and we must do it now.”

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