Statement from Dana Wachs on Gov. Walker’s Welfare Reform Special Session
EAU CLAIRE – Dana Wachs responded to Gov. Scott Walker’s politically divisive announcement of a special session:

“Now we know all we need to about Gov. Walker’s motivations. He saw voters in western Wisconsin reject the ultra-conservative politics being peddled in this week’s special election and he responded like a weak-kneed bully on the playground.

“Gov. Walker knows that attacking public benefits and welfare stokes the politics of division and distrust. He is more interested in scoring a few cheap political points than with improving the lives of Wisconsinites.

“Let’s be clear: Gov. Walker gets away with attacks on folks who are struggling financially because he doesn’t have to face these folks who are hurt by his short-sighted, Trumpian policies.

“Of course these folks want to have a good job that will pay enough so they don’t need any public assistance, but Gov. Walker’s policies have done more to depress wages in our state and line the pockets of special interests than they have to improve the lives of the average worker or family.

“It’s time we hold Gov. Walker accountable for what these policies really are — a fundamentally flawed argument that low-income communities that don’t look like Gov. Walker are somehow not as good as the folks in Gov. Walker’s neighborhood.”


For Immediate Release, January 18, 2018
Contact: Olivia Hwang, olivia@danawachs.com715.972.3262

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