Gov. Scott Walker’s latest TV ad asks viewers for their vote to “finish what we started” as he begins making his final push ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

The ad, the 33rd of Walker’s re-election bid, will run statewide on TV and digital platforms.

The spot features Walker in an outdoor setting talking directly to the camera with scenes from past ads interspersed throughout as the guv talks.

He opens saying, “We’ve come a long way together.”

The guv then says more people are working in Wisconsin than ever before and there are more opportunities for graduates to stay here. He adds “we” lowered taxes and increased funding for education, worker training, infrastructure and health care.

The guv then adds he’ll look to expand opportunities for workers, help seniors stay in their homes and help lower college debt “with your support.”

“Let’s finish what we started, and keep Wisconsin working for generations to come,” Walker says to close the spot. “I ask for your vote.”

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