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In the News: Scott Walker Proposes Expanding Youth Apprenticeship Program to 7th and 8th Grades to Boost Wisconsin’s Already Top 10 Graduation Rates

[Madison, Wis.] – On Tuesday, Scott Walker’s campaign released a new TV ad detailing the governor’s proposal to expand Youth Apprenticeships to increase graduation rates, build our workforce, and ensure student success.

The program will expand to 7th and 8th graders to give them a jumpstart on hands-on technical experiences employers are looking for. This way, high school graduates have options to pursue a variety of careers, and can keep Wisconsin working for generations to come. Check out what’s in the news:

From Wisconsin Public Radio: “Youth apprenticeships offer high schoolers job training for specific careers, like welding, civil engineering, and medical assistantships. Right now, apprenticeships are available to juniors and seniors in high school. Under the governor’s proposal unveiled Tuesday, they would be expanded to all high school students, as well as seventh- and eighth-graders.”

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “In the last school year, Walker’s administration provided nearly $4 million in grants to schools for the programs, which provide hands-on experience for juniors and seniors who want to go into the trades, computer programming or other technical jobs.”

From WSAW 7 News: “Walker says making the program available to younger students will allow them to identify industries they’re interested in earlier, increase their engagement with school, give them a jumpstart on their career and improve graduation rates.”

From Fox 6 Now: “Walker on Tuesday, Sept. 4 released a new television ad and described in more detail his proposal to expand youth apprenticeship programming to students in 7th through 10th grades. The program currently makes about $3.9 million available a year to connect about 4,400 11th- and 12th-grade students with over 3,000 employers.”

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