Contact: Austin Altenburg
[email protected]

[Madison, Wis.] – Today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Vice President Mike Pence held campaign events in Green Bay and Eau Claire to contrast the governor’s bold leadership with the failed leadership of Madison bureaucrat Tony Evers, who is only offering empty promises and higher taxes.

“Vice President Pence is a good friend and a champion of the kind of reforms we have accomplished here in Wisconsin. I am deeply grateful for his willingness to travel to our state again and stand with us in this tough election battle against the big government special interests. It’s time to keep moving forward, not backward with the kind of empty promises and higher taxes the vice president and I are both fighting to stop this fall.”

Tony Evers plans to increase a “variety of taxes” – including property, income and gas taxes – on Wisconsin’s hard-working families while failing to offer anything beyond empty promises and failed leadership. The governor has made record actual-dollar investments in priorities like K-12 education without raising taxes, and plans to continue lowering the tax burden for families across the state to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

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