Contact: Austin Altenburg

[Madison, Wis.] – Gov. Scott Walker continues traveling throughout the state to rally supporters, highlighting for hard-working families that Wisconsin is working and showing that he continues to fight for more bold reforms to get positive things done.

Following his visit to survey the damage of the Superior blast on Thursday, Gov. Walker stopped in La Crosse Friday to discuss how our bold reforms are moving Wisconsin forward. With more than three dozen similar stops so far this year, the governor highlighted his efforts to reform welfare to reward the dignity that comes from work, return the budget surplus back to the hard-working taxpayers and invest historic amounts into education, including increased funding for rural communities to ensure students receive a quality education regardless of zip code.

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ICYMI: Governor Walker warns against complacency
By Jeremy Culver

Governor Scott Walker spent Thursday talking with those impacted in Superior. Friday, he arrived in La Crosse to speak at a fundraising event for the Republican Party.

During the La Crosse County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner Fundraiser at the Radisson Hotel, Walker told attendees the Republican Party cannot become complacent with past achievements.

The state’s unemployment rate sits at 2.9 percent, a record low for the state. Walker says it’s a big accomplishment to advocate on, but more needs to be done. The governor also said his biggest opponent isn’t those running against him on the democratic side, but anger and motivation from liberal voters.

“To counter anger and hatred, we need to do not more of the same, but rather optimism and organization,” Walker explained. “We need to tell our great story, we need to lay out what we’re for because i think those on the left running for governor will increasingly tell you what they’re against and that’s me.” …

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