Sept. 13, 2018
Contact: Austin Altenburg

[Madison, Wis.] – On Tuesday, Scott Walker’s campaign released a new policy proposal and corresponding statewide TV ad to make college more affordable and keep our graduates here.

The New Graduate Tax Credit of up to $1,000 per year for up to five years works to keep our kids close to home and helps build our state’s workforce – it is targeted toward college graduates who will live and work in Wisconsin. The tax credit is in addition to Scott Walker planning to freeze in-state tuition for another four years, after freezing it for the previous six.

Read more from The Cap Times here or find excerpts below:

Scott Walker proposes $5,000 in tax credits for college graduates who stay in Wisconsin
By Jessie Opoien
The Cap Times

Wisconsin college graduates who live and work in-state would be eligible for up to $5,000 in tax credits under a proposal Gov. Scott Walker released in more detail on Tuesday.

Walker first floated the idea of offering tax credits to alumni of Wisconsin-based institutions last month. His campaign released a policy paper outlining the plan in more detail on Tuesday, along with a statewide TV ad promoting the proposal.

Walker’s plan calls for a refundable tax credit of $1,000 per year, for up to five years, for college graduates who completed their education at a college or university located in Wisconsin. The credit would be available to students who attended a University of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Technical College system school, a private not-for-profit college, or a for-profit institution.

To receive the credit, graduates would need to have earned a degree beyond a one-year degree or certificate, live in Wisconsin for at least one year after graduation, and have earned income in Wisconsin. The credit could only be claimed for one continuous five-year period, and would not apply retroactively to previous graduates. …

“The New Graduate Tax Credit ensures Wisconsin’s graduates and Wisconsin residents receiving their postsecondary education out of state have an incentive to stay in Wisconsin, or return home to Wisconsin upon graduation,” the campaign’s policy paper reads.

In a new ad launched Tuesday, Walker stands at the front of a college classroom asking students if they’re worried about paying for college and if they have student loan debt. In addition to the tax credit proposal, he touts his administration’s six-year freeze of UW System tuition, which he has proposed extending for another four years. …

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