Contact: Austin Altenburg

[Madison, Wis.] – On Tuesday, Scott Walker’s campaign released a new statewide TV adto spotlight the governor’s work to decrease premiums and increase choice after Washington failed to repeal Obamacare.

To help Wisconsin win the 21st century, we must improve our already No. 1 ranked health care system for quality by fighting for more stable care and addressing the Obamacare-induced, sky-high premiums. After Washington failed to act, Gov. Walker led by offering a plan to invest $200 million in market-based solutions to bring costs down. With the governor continuing to press Washington to get the job done, he is also pushing for real solutions for hard-working Wisconsin families that will keep our state moving forward.

Read more from TMJ4 here or find excerpts below:

Governor Walker takes on Washington in new campaign ad
By Charles Benson

Governor Scott Walker goes after “Washington politicians” in a new campaign ad as he seeks re-election for a third term.

The TV ad features a doctor blaming the Affordable Care Act – better known as Obamacare, for rising health insurance premiums: “Washington politicians keep promising to fix the problem, but it never happens,” the ad says. …

In February, Gov. Walker signed a $200 million plan to help lover insurance costs. It won bipartisan support.

The plan is expected to help more than 200,000 Wisconsin residents who watched their premiums jump on average 36% this year.

“Our bipartisan plan invests $200 million to help lover premiums for Wisconsin families – because we can’t wait for Washington to get the job done,” Walker says in the ad. …

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