February 26, 2018
Contact: Nathan Craft
[email protected]

In The News: Gov. Walker Rallies Grassroots Army Around Fighting for More Bold New Reforms to Get Positive Things Done

[Madison, Wis.] – Gov. Scott Walker continues traveling across the state to rally supporters, highlighting for hard-working families that Wisconsin is working and showing that he continues to fight for more bold reforms to get positive things done.

In all corners of the state in recent weeks, the governor has discussed his ambitious agenda to keep moving Wisconsin forward – fighting for stable, patient-centered health care, reforming welfare to reward the dignity that comes from work and returning the budget surplus back to the hard-working taxpayers with even more tax cuts.

Check out what’s in the news:

From WSAW: “’We got a great positive story, things are so much better than they were 8 years ago … We want to keep going forward, so we want to be optimistic, but we got to be organized … if we do that, our positive message will win in the fall,’ says Walker.”

From Waukesha Freeman: “He [Gov. Walker] touted Wisconsin’s low unemployment rate, coupled with economic growth strategies, as an important part of his reelection message.”

From The Daily Cardinal: “The governor spent the majority of the meeting stressing the importance of being ‘Wisconsin Proud’ of continuing economic development throughout the state. … The governor named off a litany of economic achievements in his term, including historically low unemployment and Foxconn’s projected $1.4 billion of spending in Wisconsin.”

From Fox 21: “Governor Walker spoke to on-goers addressing issues, including what he hopes for the future of healthcare. … Governor Walker also touched on a rebate, giving Wisconsin families with children under the age of 18 a $100 per child tax credit. … Governor Walker says it will help fuel the economy and create an even bigger surplus in the future.”

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