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[Madison, Wis.] – The Walker campaign on Tuesday launched a new TV ad featuring Carol, a senior citizen living independently who demonstrates how Tony Evers’ policies would make life harder for people like her and take Wisconsin backward – and how Scott Walker’s bold leadership has made her life easier and will continue to move the state forward. This ad follows the governor’s announcement Monday at Carol’s home in West Allis where he laid out his policy proposal and corresponding TV ad to help Wisconsin’s senior citizens stay in their homes with even further tax relief.

Tony Evers’ plans to raise property, income and gas taxes have been extensively reported in the news media – all three of which would put Wisconsin’s jobs, and the success we’ve seen under Scott Walker’s bold leadership, at risk. The governor has made record actual-dollar investments in our priorities without raising taxes, while Evers has shown he will increase taxes on hard-working families, seniors, farmers, small businesses, manufacturers, and more. Scott Walker has a positive vision for Wisconsin’s future that builds on our record of results – with more of the governor’s bold reform, we can keep Wisconsin moving forward.

You can watch the ad featuring Carol’s story, entitled “Tony Evers: We Can’t Afford That,” here. You can find more details on Evers’ plan that would take Wisconsin backward here. The ad begins:​

Carol: We moved to this house in 1953.

We raised our 5 children here, and I’ve been teaching piano for over 55 years.

My husband passed away in ’93, but I was able to stay in our home.

Scott Walker has made it easier, my property taxes are lower than they were 8 years ago.

If Tony Evers wins, he’ll make it harder.

He’ll raise property taxes, and the gas tax too.

We can’t afford that.

The spot will run on television as well as on a range of online and social media platforms. It is the latest in a series of ads the Walker campaign is running on the governor’s strong record of getting positive things done and his plans for more bold reform to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come. That series includes ads showing how Tony Evers’ failed leadership and empty promises will lead to higher taxes as he sides with unions over hard-working families.

Soon after the Walker campaign began to contrast the governor’s record with his opponent’s, Evers admitted that he would raise a wide variety of taxes – including property, income, and gas taxes – while refusing to say by how much and claiming to the people of Wisconsin that the increases will be “reasonable.” In the case of the gas tax, Evers had already said a $1 per gallon increase is “on the table” and then denied it without specifying how much he’ll raise it by instead.

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