Contact: Austin Altenburg
[email protected]

[Madison, Wis.] – With Gov. Walker set to deliver remarks to Wisconsin’s College Republicans this weekend, his campaign on Friday debuted a video highlighting the governor’s bold reforms to freeze tuition six years in a row and make college more affordable for students and their families.

The video details how Gov. Walker is fighting for students and making the tough decisions when it counts, including by freezing tuition six years in a row. Additionally, the governor has increased needs-based financial assistance to an all-time high and is working with financial institutions to help with existing student loan debt. Wisconsin is working, and Governor Walker is finding ways to keep our graduates near home with careers that will move Wisconsin forward.

You can watch the video, entitled “Student Success” here. The video begins:

If we want Wisconsin to succeed, we need students to succeed.

So we froze tuition – 6 years in a row,

to make college more affordable for you and your families.

We’re moving Wisconsin forward.

Join us, and keep our future bright.

The video will run on a range of online and social media platforms leading up to, and during, the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans Convention this weekend.

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