February 19, 2018
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ICYMI: Raging anti-Scott Walker fever has Wisconsin Democrats twisted in knots

[Madison, Wis.] – In case you missed it, far-Left Democrats are working in overdrive to oppose reasonable reforms on key issues – just because Scott Walker is pushing them.

Governor Walker’s reforms – to create stable, patient-centered health care, fund education at record levels, encourage good-paying, family-supporting jobs and more – are moving Wisconsin forward. Wisconsinites are seeing how Walker and Republicans are fighting for them as Democrats desperately create excuses for standing on the wrong side of Wisconsin families.

Read more from Christian Schneider of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here or find excerpts below:

Schneider: Raging anti-Scott Walker fever has Wisconsin Democrats twisted in knots
By Christian Schneider
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a whirring sound in Wisconsin. That faint hum is the OppositionTron 3000 machine working overtime to manufacture opposition for the state’s Democrats to some of Gov. Scott Walker’s election-year initiatives. These are proposals that, if introduced by a Democratic governor, liberals would swamp social media to support. But the mere idea that they might agree with Scott Walker has Democrats working late into the night in the talking point factory. …

This week, the Legislature’s finance committee took testimony on a Walker proposal to stabilize health insurance markets by subsidizing high-cost health plans created by the poorly named Affordable Care Act. Under Obamacare, high-cost individuals have flooded the program, forcing insurance companies to raise premiums or drop out altogether. In the past year, premiums (not counting federal subsidies) have increased 38%, and several states are down to a single insurer in the plan. In Wisconsin, UnitedHealth and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield have bolted.

Walker’s plan would spend $50 million to hold down Obamacare premiums, in the hopes of securing another $150 million match from the federal government. Minnesota, Oregon and Alaska have already created such “reinsurance” funds, with other states looking to do the same. …

No one denies that many of Walker’s proposals are meant to reassure voters in 2018. But Democrats are inventing new contortions to pretend they oppose the plans. Three of the four Democrats on the Finance Committee voted against the reinsurance bill — their distaste for Walker evidently so strong they would rather keep insurance rates high than concede he has a point.

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