Walker campaign: Scott Walker joins friends and grassroots supporters for campaign milestone

Contact: Austin Altenburg

[Madison, Wis.] – Last weekend, Scott Walker joined our grassroots army of supporters in Chippewa Falls to celebrate a special milestone in our campaign – the one millionth phone call of the campaign cycle.

From the beginning of this year until the state convention in May, we more than doubled our on-the-ground campaigning compared to 2014 – and have now held nearly 50 grassroots events across the state. Scott Walker is dedicated to moving the state forward over the next four years by continuing to enact bold reforms that help Wisconsin win the 21st century.

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Gov. Walker celebrates campaign milestone in Chippewa Falls
By Sarah Winkelmann

Governor Scott Walker made a stop in the Chippewa Valley Saturday for a milestone marker in his campaign. The governor was in Chippewa Falls where he made his one millionth voter contact phone call of this campaign cycle.

Walker was greeted by supporters at the Wisconsin GOP field office in Chippewa Falls. He then made a phone call to ask a local voter if they plan to be out at the polls for the primary on August 14 and then again on November 6. …

The governor says calls like these are not only crucial to his campaign but also working towards a higher voter turnout for Election Day.

“Well turnout is going to be important because again sometimes, anytime you have, I don’t care if it’s democrat or republican, when one party is in the white house often times the other party has a challenge for that, so just getting people motivated getting the word out,” Walker said. …