Oct. 18, 2018
Contact: Austin Altenburg
[email protected]

Volunteers for Agriculture, The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association and The Dairy Business Association endorse governor as part of his Agriculture Coalition

[Madison, Wis.] – Today, Scott Walker proudly accepted the endorsement of the Volunteers for Agriculture, Dairy Business Association, and the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association as part of his Agriculture Coalition. Together, these organizations represent thousands of farmers and agricultural leaders across Wisconsin, and they play a key role in advancing Wisconsin’s rich agricultural tradition.

Wisconsin agricultural exports are up by over $1 billion dollars since 2010 and this past year, Wisconsin farmers sent products to over 147 countries. Scott Walker has been a strong advocate for farmers in Wisconsin through the Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit, the Dairy Task Force 2.0, and finding new markets around the world for Wisconsin agricultural products.

Statement from Governor Scott Walker:

“It’s an honor to receive the endorsement of three great agricultural groups that represent hard-working families across the state. We will continue to stand up for farmers by lowering taxes, streamlining regulation, and growing the economy. That’s how you keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.”

Statement from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau:

“Governor Walker understands the significance of agriculture to our state,” said Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Jim Holte. “His support of rural Wisconsin and the agricultural community is appreciated. His willingness to listen and have an open mind on issues that impact our hardworking farmers and agribusiness owners is refreshing. His dedication to our rural communities is just one of the reasons why Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Volunteers for Agriculture Committee, made up of 18 farmers from across the state, is endorsing Governor Walker for the November 6 election.”

Statement from the Dairy Business Association:

“Thank you to Governor Walker for being on the side of dairy farmers across Wisconsin. When milk prices dropped, Governor Walker took action by creating the Dairy Task Force 2.0 to help struggling farmers. In addition, his work to open up more markets for dairy farmers have led to exports increasing for Wisconsin farmers. We proudly endorse Gov. Walker and thank him for being a friend to dairy farmers across the state.”

Statement from The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association:

“The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association is proud to endorse Governor Walker in his upcoming election for Wisconsin governor. His commitment to work for farmers across the state is unmatched. From lowering property taxes to helping increase markets available for our products, Governor Walker is getting results for corn growers across Wisconsin. We thank Governor Walker for his reforms and look forward to working with him in the future.”

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